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Highlighting Differences of Golf Iron Sets for Men and Women

Buying golf iron sets is easy nowadays with all the distributors around. Due to their similar appearances, many people think that these sets only have the same club types in terms of features. Hence, it brings many people to ask questions about why there are clubs for males and females.

Contrary to popular opinion, golf clubs come with a wide range of features tailored according to males and females’ requirements. The following are some of the differences noticed among golf iron sets for men and women:


Irons designed for women have heavier club head compared to the ones made for men. This feature helps in launching balls towards the target by adding extra weight aside from the raw force generated by a woman’s swing. However, assessing its features will show that that clubs for women are still lighter in general despite having heavier club heads.

Shaft characteristics

Golf IronsClubs for females also have softer flex and with shorter staff. Shafts that are more flexible give way to perfect hit together with the club head’s weight contributing to the entire swing mechanics.

Shafts are also designed to be shorter compared to men’s clubs. Looking at physical characters, women tend to be shorter compared to men, which means they need shorter shafts to suit their height. In case the female golfer is taller, she can have the shaft customized and own unique golf iron sets that meet her expectation.

Shaft materials used for women also tend to be different. Regular golf shafts are constructed from steel while those for women are made from graphite. Graphite material is lighter than steel, which is often used for men’s clubs. Men can choose from steel and graphite shaft that will be ideal for the shot he is trying to achieve.

Loft measurements

Women’s golf clubs’ loft measurements are around 12 to 13 degrees, which is significantly higher to the usual 9 to 11 degrees for men.

Grip differences

Just like with shaft, grip diameter for women is smaller than men’s golf club grip. Physical differences also emerge as the reason why this feature is smaller compared to what men use. Women’s hands are smaller, which means holding clubs for men can be difficult because of their wider diameters. Through the smaller grip measurement, women will be able to grip on their clubs properly and hit the ball without problems.

Aesthetic differences

Just like other products, the appearances of golf iron sets can also be good indicators whether the product is for men or for women. Clubs for men may come in generic neutral or male colors like blue. Women, on the other hand, can choose from a collection of pastel-colored golf clubs. However, color should be the least point to consider in obtaining golf clubs because it doesn’t affect a player’s performance.

Common misconceptions

While golf clubs may be designed for men and women, it doesn’t mean that players should only use the clubs designed for them. Many players are able to play using the opposite sex’s golf clubs. It is all about the feel in hitting the ball as well as matching the required strength according to the club’s features. For instance, since women’s golf club heads are heavier and with more flexible shafts, men who are using them should tweak the mechanics of hitting the ball from grip to force to achieve the right hit. Many players can train with these clubs to ensure they will work for their edge in the game.

Buyers can buy men and women’s golf iron sets through distributors. Understanding the differences will help players know which clubs will work for them. They can also experiment and find out whether they are more comfortable using the opposite sex’s golf clubs.

Why Do Companies Need Original SEO Post?

There are a lot of obstacles and blockages that get in the way when you are starting your own business. These obstacles may present itself through lack of capital, lack of ideas, lack of competent personnel or lack of business opportunities and among these problems that could arise, nothing is more daunting than lack of customers.

Yes, nothing can beat the heart out of every promising business or enterprise than the awareness that no one patronizes the services you are offering or the products that you are making.

SEOThere are a lot of causes on why your business has little or no customer at all. One is that your product is not quite that enticing and effective, or that your services came in too late and your target market has already been capture by another company. When one of the two reasons is the cause for your low production, you might want to rethink your business strategy. However, there is a third reason on why your business does not have that many customers. It could be that your customers are practically ignorant of your existence. They simply do not know that you are there and that you are offering good and quality products or service.

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All the benefits that you could get from having SEO services to your website would be about effectively increasing your sales and improving your website integrity at a much lower cost. Imagine if the only way for you to advertise and tell people about your business is only through printing business cards to be handed out to friends and relatives. Not only would this method be costly, but it would also be futile in your overall goal because you would only be reaching the people that are within your circle. Since everyone is on the internet nowadays and that they have their own needs and wants that they are looking to fill up, it would only be a matter of time before people would be wanting or needing the products or services that you are offering. Having people find out for themselves about your company is much more convenient and easier for both you and your customer, and one of the effective ways to actually bring people to your website is by having an original SEO post in it.

Although SEO is not a stand-alone solution to your marketing needs, it plays a very big role in helping you get your business to the top. Through an original SEO post coupled with a good marketing strategy and effective products or services, your business now is competitive both in the online and offline communities.

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